Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn Hill Skills

I was out with 2 of the ACOL Students from West Highland College today looking at some basic hillwalking skills. The weather was fine as we visited An Steall Ban and made a circuit of Meall Cumhann looking at plant life, geology, navigation strategies and having a little fun aroun the falls and on the wire bridge. Great Autumn weather.

…Now I'm off on holiday to Mallorca… for 2 whole weeks! :-)
 Where are you taking us Al?
 On the wire bridge
 Below An steal Ban
 The Falls
 Back over the bridge
 Classic shot
 'Its over there'
 Scott's team
 Last climb
 Back down to Glen Nevis
 End of a good day

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Snow on Ben Nevis- my day off

Today the day dawned with the potential for sunshine and Rich and I both wanted a leg stretch so we went to Ben Nevis to climb Tower Ridge. The weather was chilly in the shade but the sun shone and the sky was blue as we soloed up. After a bite to eat in the warmth of the sun on the Great Tower I was surprised to see odd patches of snow below Tower Gap and on the far side a little ice on a puddle, a couple of patches of snow, verglas, some frozen moss and then on the plateau a good dusting on the shady north side of every boulder. We paid our respects to the summit and headed to Nevis Range for beer and cake (the beer was mostly to make Scott jealous as he was working on the bike tracks outside!).

I'm not ready for winter. it usually lasts long enough. At the end of the week I'm off to Mallorca for 2 weeks to put the summer to bed for the year. Winter can wait until I get back!

And just for the snowpatch folks:

Monday, 6 October 2014

Another day… another climbing wall

Out today with the ACOL students from West Highland College today at The Ice Factor. Today was part of a 3 day block helping ensure the students meet the minimum requirements for their CWA Training later in the year.
 Quick draw quickdraw!
 Clipping traverse
Spot the beanbags in the beanbag name game

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Moving moments

Day 2 and my keen team of Climbing Wall Award Candidates were looking forwards to visiting our second wall, TCA Glasgow in this case. We risk assessed the wall before the team created their own warm up games for groups and tried some of mine. Then it was mostly about movement and we did a whistle stop tour of some games and drills to introduce simple movement concepts before find a way through the Great Scottish Run to Glasgow Climbing Centre. Once there we wound up the Main Module with a review, Q and A and session on what to do between Training and Assessment.
Then we took advantage of the dry weather to look at personal safety, top ropes and group and personal abseiling before putting it into practise from the spire.
A bright keen team well up for progressing through the Award.
Made up warm up acrobatics
 T Rex arms and beanbag armpits
 Throwing shapes
 Know that hold
Better footwork
Abseiling… maybe she's a Mason?

Saturday, 4 October 2014


 Catherine with the YY Belay specs
 George being silent while the lads can hardly contain themselves!
Beanbag inbound
Day 1 of a CWA Trg at Glasgow Climbing Centre with a team of 6. Lots of stuff on personal climbing this morning and then some group games, management strategies and peer belaying methods this afternoon. More tomorrow.